Noco Boost X GBX45 booster jumpstarter 1250A

  • Model: NOCO-GBX45 Battery Jump Starter
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  • Manufactured by: Noco
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NOCO Boost X GBX45 1250A 12V UltraSafe Jump Starter Power Bank, Car Battery Booster, Portable USB Charger, Jump Leads and Jumper Cables for up to 6.5 L Petrol and 4.0 L Diesel Engines

    X like Extreme - A completely new design with extreme jump start performance for powerful engine starts. With a rated power of 1250 amps, this portable car jump starter power bank delivers maximum energy at every start. It is not just an upgrade, but a completely new range - the Extreme range.

    FAST RECHARGING - Boost X is equipped with USB-C technology that offers you lightning-fast charging along with high power output. Full recharge in just 48 minutes. Jump start even at 0 percent in just 5 minutes recharging time.

    Recharge everything - With its power output via USB-C you are able to charge virtually anything. Its internal power bank charger delivers 60 watts of power - in input and output - to effortlessly recharge your favourite USB-C devices such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, wearables and so on.

    UltraSafe 2.0 - We have significantly improved UltraSafe technology. It remains our simple, error-free design with spark protection technology and reverse polarity protection, but with improved thermal efficiency and performance management for better performance and extended battery life.

    MAXIMUM VERSATILITY - Boost X is one of the most versatile car jump starter power banks on the market. Provides jump start for all vehicle types - car, car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, quad, boat, RV, camper, caravan, van, SUV, tractors and so on. - Up to 6.5L Petrol and 4.0L Diesel Engines

    You will receive the following with Boost X - GBX45 UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter, Battery Booster, Jump Leads and Power Bank with 60W USB-C Power Supply, Heavy Duty Jumper Cable Clips, USB-C Charging Cable, Microfiber Storage Bag, 1 Year Warranty and Designed in the USA.

What's in the box?
USB-C charging cable
GBX45 UltraSafe Portable Lithium Car Battery Booster Jump Starter Pack
Power bank charger with 60 watt USB-C power output
Heavy Duty Booster Cable Clamps
Microfibre storage bag

Brand NOCO
Battery cell composition Lithium Ion
Voltage 12 Volts
Item dimensions L x W x H 9.2 x 12.6 x 20.9 centimetres
Vehicle service type Passenger Car, Motorcycle, Watercraft

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Noco GBX45 jumpstarter what's in the box

Digital ignition systems.

Our digital ignition systems come with 3 years warranty. Production errors, quality issues and internal problems are covered by this warranty.
The Carmo digital ignition systems are protected against high voltage peaks, defective HT coils and reverse battery connection.
This protection means that the Carmo digital ignition will not be damaged immediately in case of faulty electronics in your motorcycle.
Long term use of a motorcycle with faulty electronics may still result in damage to the Carmo digital ignition system.
This means that without solving the electrical issue the Carmo digital ignition could break down after a while.

If research shows that your Carmo digital ignition was damaged by faulty electrical parts, the warranty rights will not be valid.
If this situation occurs we will attempt to repair your ignition system in order to keep the costs as low as possible.
If the system is beyond repair a new product will be offered at a reduced price.
In all cases we will try our best to offer an acceptable solution.

Testing your original ignition module is free of charge when purchasing one of our replacement systems.
During the test we are often able to find out what caused your original module to break down.
This way you will know for sure if your original module really needs replacement, and you’ll be able to solve other electrical issues that may not be known yet.

Team Carmo.

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