SUZUKI A CDI/ECU Repair Overhaul

  • Manufactured by: Carmo

Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired
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BB Motor 4 takt F9.9 CMH66 (66M-01, OYF)
Outboard 25-300HP 4 Stroke 1996-2007 (99E90, F8T90071)
DT25(C) DT30(C) CDI (F8T12881)
Outboard motor 1994 DT115 DT140 115 140 CDI (F8T12981, F8T12982, 88-2000)
LT4WD Quadrunner (32900-19B20)
LFT4WDX King Qaud (32900-19B20)
DF15 Outboard Motor (32900-94J00, CU7257)
DT40 CDI ECU igniter (F8T17471)
LTZ50 (J143, CB7513, CB1J)
DT55 DT65 (F8T12894)
DF60 (99E90, F8T90071)
DT65 BB Motor (F8T02271)
LT80 (32900-40B00, 070000-2860)
LTZ80 (J143, 43G0, CB7513, 5K09)
LTZ90 (J150, CB751K)
Quadsport Z90 (J150, CB751K)
DR100 SP100 SP125 CDI igniter (32900-05210, 070000-0920)
DR Z110 (CI751)
Hokuto 110 (J78, CB7461)
AN125 (scooter)
CS125 (32900-01400, 131100-3232)
DR125 (32900-44A30, 131800-0270)
DR125T (32900-05220, 070000-0930)
GN125 (32900-05300, 131100-3221)
GS125 (32900-05340, 131800-6970)
GV125 Marauder (32900-12F10, 131800-7200)
GZ125 Marauder
GZ125 Marauder (32900-12F20, 131800-7210)
RG125 FUN (32900-19D41, 071000-0372)
RG125 (32900-19D90, 07100-0450)
RM125 (32900-40220, KOKUSAN DENKI)
RM125 (CU7401, 829000-43D10)
RM125 (CU7440, J73)
RV125 (32900-13G10, 131800-8300)
RV125 van van (MGT115, F8T51271, 15G00)
TS125X (32900-03D30)
TS125ERX (32900-03D30)
TSR125 (32900-03D00, 071000-0060)
UC125 Epicuro (CB7466, 0B10, J81, 21F6)
UH125 Burgman (J130, J106, CB7508)
UH125 Burgman CDI unit)
VL125 (32900-26F00, 131800-7480)
VL125 Intruder LC v-twin (DENSO, 32900-26F20, 131800-8170)
VZ125 Marauder (32900-12F20, 131800-7210)
LTF160 Quad runner (MGT045, 02C20, F8T199714)
DR200 (32900-42A00, 070000-1361)
SP200 (32900-42A00, 070000-1361)
TS200R (32900-08D20, 071000-0240)
UH200 Burgman 32920-03H11
LT230 (Nippon Denso, 32900-18A00, 070000-1240)
LT230E quadrunner (32900-35B00, 1620)
LT-F230 G (32900-22A00, 070000-1301)
250XC Djebel CDI ECU
AN250 (scooter)
DR250 (13E00, F8T32671)
DR250 CDI brain computer (14D00, F8T31071)
DR250 (32900-05220, 07000-0930)
DR250 (BM5102, 32900-38220)
DRZ250 (MGT046, MGT047, F8T37274, F8T37273)
GS250 (BB1201, 32900-47020)
GS250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSF250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSF250 bandit (32900-11D10, BB7259, kokusan denki)
GSX250 (BB1201, 32900-47020)
GSX250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSX250E (32900-44410, BB1205)
GSX250S GSX400S (BB7252, 32900-46D01)
GSX250 Invader
GSXR250 (32900-06C00, BB7203)
GZ250 Marauder (MGT022, J4T09971)
LFT250 Quadrunner (32900-19B20)
LTF250 runner (32900-19B50)
LTZ250 Quad (32900-05G10, 071000-2270)
RGV250 (CB1202, 9E31)
RGV250 (SAPC, 32910-22D30, CM7410)
RM250 (82900-CU7401)
RM250 (C4744, CU7450, J91, Kokusan Denki)
RMZ250 (21119-0024, CU7493)
RMZ250 RMZ 250 CDI igniter (J156, CU7535)
TS250X (31900-30020)
TU250GB Grasstracker Bigboy (MGT042, F8T37771)
Extreem Racing Qaud 300cc
GS300L CDI (F8T50071, 32900-11910)
LT-F300KF2 (32900-19BA0, 017000-1980)
LT-F300 King Quad (32900-19B30, 071000-2192)
LT-F300 Kingquad (LT-F4WDX) (32900-19B40, 070000-2490, QAC49)
LT-F300F King Quad (32900-19B80)
DR350 (14D00, F8T3077)
DR350 (MGT005, F8T31073)
DR350 (MGT002, F8T31082)
DR350 P (MGT001, F8T31081)
DR350S (MGT006, F8T32871)
DR350S (MGT017, F8T31084)
DR350S (14D10, F8T30772)
DR350 Goose (47D-00, F8T31571)

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