YAMAHA A CDI/ECU Repair Overhaul

  • Model: Yamaha-A
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Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired
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YPVS control box
Superet (65U-00, 6XN)
Autolube BB motor 20CV 25CV CDI (TIA02-19)
AR230 AR230HO high output boat ECU ECM
Marine 2-Stroke 25-30HP Outboard Marine CDI Unit (6J8-85540-H0-00)
Marine outboards 50G 60F 70B 75C 90A (CU7384)
Marine 40T 50T 40V 50H (63D-00, F8T12275)
55AE Outboard, Mariner, Mercury Marine 117 CDI (TIA02-12)
9,9 PK Buitenboordmotor/Outboard Motor (F8T07872, 6G9-21, F8T07772, 6G8-22)
FX140 FX Cruiser (F8T93371, 60E-01)
FX1000 Wave Runner (63M-01)
Aerox50 (50W-MO)
Deto 50 BB-Motor (F8T12771)
PW50 (5G3-MO)
RZ50 TRZ50R TZM50R CDI igniter (5FC-00)
YFM50 (5YF-00)
Banger 80cc (55X-1, 629)
F80 outboard (67F-01, F8T35572)
TZR50 (5WX-00)
YZ80 (F8T17771, 4ES-20)
F100 marine (67F-01, F8T35572)
F115 AET (68V-50, F8T94272)
F115 FL115 buitenboordmotor F8T93175 ECU
Beluga 125 (TID11-07A)
BW125 (MORIC, 1CE0, 1CE00CM02207DA)
DR125 (32900-05220, 070000-0930)
DT125 (3NC-00, 50123)
DT125 CDI ignition box brain
DT125 (3RM-10, 99P)
DT125RN (3RM-00, 3RM-10, 3RM-20)
DT125LC (57U-MO, 50123, 34X-MO, 37F-M1, 40221)
RD125 LC
SR125 (5H0-M0)
TA125 2 cylinder, Classic Racer
TDR125 (2YK-00, 071000-0030, QCZ03)
TDR125 (4FU-02)
TW125 (5EK-00)
TZ125 (3XV-00, 07100-02600, QA26)
TZR125 (3PA-00)
TZR125 (4HW-00)
TZR125 (1KT-50, 2MY-50)
TZR125 CDI ignition box brain
X-max 125 (1M900, 1B900, 2176M363B)
XT125 (12V-MO, 30302)
XV125 Virago (5AJ-82305-00, 131800-6930)
XV125 (5JX-82305-00, 131800-7760)
XVS125 (5JX-82305-00, 131800-7760)
YBR125 Rieju (5HH-10, AZ071000-2360)
YFA125 Breeze (3FA-10)
YFA125 Breeze (3FA-20)
YP125 Majesty (5DS-00, 8XG)
YP125R (5XL-00)
YW125 (MORIC, 1CE0, CE00CM02207DA)
YZ125 (2VN-CU16, 537J)
YZ125 (5NX-00, 5NY-10)
YZ125 (TIA01-34, 3R3-10)
YZF-R125 (5D700)
DT175 (3J0-20, 3J0-85540-20-00)
AG200 CDI-unit
BW200 BW200ET Bigwheel (1RL-M0)
DT200, DT200R (37F-M1,40221)
TW200 (2YG-MO, 9X7)
XT200 (15E-MO)
WR200 (3XP-10)
WR200 WR200R (4FB-00)
YFM200 (52H-20, 4Y15)
YFS200 (5VM-00)
YFM225 (59V-20, 59V-21, F8T09272)
XT225 (4JG-10)
SR230 ECU (6B5-00, F8T93772)
SR230 STR1000 ECU (6B5-10, F8T94872)
SX230 STR1000 ECU (6B5-10, F8T94872)
DT250 (2X9-20)
FK250 (4GY-00, F8T31871)
FZR250 RR Exup (3LN-82305-00, 131800-5290)
FZR250 RR Exup (3YX-82305-00)
FZX250 (3YX-82305-00)
IT250K (3114)
Quad 250cc (4XE-00)
RD250 (51L-50, 070000-121)
SR250 (TID11-01, TID11-02, 3Y6)
SRX250 (TID11-08, 51Y-10)
TDR250 (2YK-00, 0710000-0030, QCA03)
TT250R (4GY-00, F8T31871)
TZ250 (3TC-00, 071000-0150, QCA15)
TZ250 (4DP-30, 07100-1030)
TZ250 (4DP-40, 071000-1170)
TZR250 (2MY-50, 070000-1730, 2MY-51, 070000-1731)
TZR250V (3XV-00)
TZR250 (1KT-50, 070000-1480, QAB48)
WR250F (5UM-80, 4YJ)
XT250 ECU ECM (3C50)
XT250 (3Y1-20)
XT250 (30X-20)
XV250 (J4T020)
XV250 Virago (2VJ-82305-00, 131800-5140, 3LS-82305-00, 13180-5180)
XVS250 (5KR-82305-00, 131800-7790)
YBR 250
YFB250 Timberwolf (4BD-00, F8T07276)
YFB250 Timberwolf (F8T09273, 4BD-10)
YFM250 BRUIN (F8T38683, 1P0-00)
YFM250 Raptor (4D3-00)
YFM250X Beartracker (F8T19871, 4XE-00)
YFU Pro Hauler (3JN-00, F8T14271)
YP250 Majesty (J4T091, 40C-10, J4T069, 71 4UC-00, 7X01)
YP250 X-MAX (1C000, 1C000216Z002A)
YP250R X-MAX 250i (MORIC, 1C000, 37P1, 1C000217Y5119A)
YZ250 (5MW-00, OXG)
YZ250 (4SR-00, 5YJ)
YZ250F (5XC-M1)
YZ250LC (1P8-00, 7XA)
YZF250 YZ250F (1SM812M5XL034A, 1SM8)


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