HONDA C CDI/ECU Repair Overhaul

  • Manufactured by: Carmo

Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired
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CB750 C/F/KZ DOHC (MC-5194)
CB750 F2 (MW3G, 821S)
CB750 FN2 (MW3G, 821S)
CB750SC Nighthawk (MWA3A, 821J)
CBR750 (MM4, 511B1, RC27)
CBX750 F/F2 (TID14-26, AKBZ25, 131100-4000, TID14-29, MJ1)
RVF750R RC45
VF750 (MZ5A US, 803Y)
VF750 Magna (AKBZ50, 13110-4560)
VF750C V45 Magna (131100-3260, AKBZ22, 131100-4490, 131100-3940, SKBZ23, 131100-3950)
VF750C V45 Magna (MZ5A US, 803Y, TID12-04, MNO, 501D, TID12-11, 131100-4490)
VF750 F RC36 (AKBZ23, 131100-3950, 131100-3940, 131800-0060, MZ7)
VF750S V45 Sabre (AKBZ44, 131100-4450)
VF750 CH-J (MN0, 501D1)
VF750SC (TID12-04, MBO)
VFR750 RC24 (ML7M, 742)
VFR750 (131800-0060, ML7)
VFR750 (MZ5A, 802Y)
VFR750 (MZ7A, MT4A, MNE-701A)
VFR750F (MZ7A, 7071D)
VFR750R RC30 (CI556, MR7)
VFR750R RC30 (NLO 503E1)
VT750C Shadow (TID12-11, TID12-11A, ME9)
VT750C Shadow (ICU-07 ME9)
VT750C2 Ace (MBAA ED, G11B)
VT750 C4 (MEGA ED, M61Q)
XLV750 R (MG7, CI-36)
XLV750R (MG7, CI-90)
XRV750 Africa Twin (CI600)
XRV750 (981P, MAYA)
PC800 (MR5, MNE-512H, MS9, 512E1)
PC800 (MR5 B)
VFR800 i (38770-MBG-003, 38770-MBG-611, 38770-MBG-D01)
VFR800 VTEC (KEIHIN, 38770-MCW-D02, 38770-MCW-D03)
VT800 (MR6, 501J)
CB900C Custom
CB900 Hornet HISS (Keihin, 38770-MCT-621, 38770-MCZ-621, 38770-MCZ-611)
CBR900RR SC28 & SC33 (MWO, 824T, 821R, 971U, 976U, MBZA)
CBR900RR (MW0 SW, 824 T, MWO EC, 821R, MASG EC, 971U, MASG G, 976U)
CBR900RR SC33 (MASA, 976U, 976N, 971U, 971N)
CBR900RR/929RR Fireblade HISS (SC44) (38770-MCJ, 38770-MBW)
CBR900RRY 929cc HISS (38770-MCJ-611, 38770-MCJ-621, 38770-MCJ-641, 9629-112975, 9629-107011, 9626-109670)
CBR954RR (38770-MCJ-D01, 9704-107966, 38770-MCJ-F01)
CBR954RR (38770-MCJ-A01, 9704-102070)
CB1000 Big-One SC30 (MZ1A, 821X)
CB1000R (38770-MFN-D01, 38770-MFN-F01)
CBR1000 SC21 CDI (MM5, MM5F)
CBF1000 (ABS) (38770-MFA-D03, 8555-116384)
CBR1000F (MS2, 821B MZ2YEL, 971L)
CBR1000F (MZ2A, 821W)
CBR1000RR HISS (KEIHIN, 38770-MFJ-F03, 8641-201111)
CBR1000RR HISS (KEIHIN, 38770-MGP-D01, 9088-105405)
CBR1000RR HISS (KEIHIN, 38770-MFL-761, 38770-MFL-644)
CBR1000RR HISS (KEIHIN, 38770-MEL-D01, 38770-MEL-662, 38770-MEL-613, 38770-MEL-643)
CBR1000RR HRC (388770-NL9-000, 38770-MEL-000)
CBX1000 Prolink (MR1, 512A)
CBX1000 (OKI MPS-200, NEC-5194)
CRF 1000 Africa Twin
GL1000 Goldwing
VF1000F SC15 (131100-4790, AKBZ60, MB6)
VF1000 Interceptor (TID12-13, MB4)
VF1000 FE (131100-4041)
VTR1000 Firestorm (MBBA ED, CI689, CI734A)
VTR1000 Firestorm (MBBA ED, 001A, 925, 6Y27, MBBA G, 006A)
VTR1000 SP1 RVT1000R RC51 (KEIHIN, 38770-MCF-641, 38770-NL6-003)
VTR1000 SP2 RVT1000R RC51 (KEIHIN, 38770-MCF-L21, 38770-MCF-651, 38770-MCF-D31, 38770-MCF-771, 38770-MCF-671, 38770-MCF-D61)
VTR1000 Boost-unit TCI-CDI unit (MCF, CI734, 6.5, 291)
XLV1000 Varadero (MBTG, M51C, MBWA G, W76 A, 8Y02)
XLV1000 Varadero (MBTA ED, N15C)
XL1000V XL1000VA 2008 (38770-MBT-C42)
XL1000V Varadero (38770-MBT-G51, 38770-MBT-G61, 8460-101085)
CB1100 SF HISS (KEIHIN, 38770-MCC-611)
CBR1100XX Blackbird (MATG, 976T)
CBR1100 XX Fuel-Inj (38770-MAT-E02, 9607-202118, 38770-MAT-G22, 38770-MAT-G22, 38770-MAT-F22)
CBR1100 XX Fuel-Inj (38770-MAT-E01, 9607-100295 ED)
GL1100 Goldwing (MC-5194)
ST1100 Pan European (MT3, TL113, 801F)
ST1100 Pan European (MT03, 801F)
ST1100 Pan European (MY3, 821T)
VF1100 sabre (TID12-13, MB4)
VT1100 (OKI, MM8, 501C1)
VT1100 (MM8 G, 502A1, MAHA 502)
VT1100 C (TID12-21, MG8)
VT1100 C (MAHH, 9A3R)
VT1100 C Shadow (SC18 ICU-13 MG8)
VT1100 C2 (MCKA, N93K)
GL1200 Goldwing (TID14-32, MG9, 131100-4260)
GL1200 Goldwing (AKBZ17, 131100-3820, AKBZ40, 131100-4261)
GL1200 Goldwing injection ECU ECU (079700-1105, Nippondenso)
GL1200 SEI ECM ECU injection 079700-1330 Nippondenso
VFR1200F PGM-FI (KEIHIN ED, 38770-MGE-644, 6961-203026)
CB1300 X4 (MAZA, 075C)
CB1300 X4 (MAZH, N75U)
CB1300 HISS KEIHIN (38770-MEJ-641, 9778-101006)
CB1300F, CBF1300 (MBRA, N75B)
VTX1300S (MEAA A, M63G)
ST1300 / A PAN EUROPEAN HISS (38770-MCS-G02)
ST1300 (ABS Unit)
ST1300 (38770-MCS-D92)
GL1500 F6C flat six Valkyrie (MZOA, MZ0A)
GL1500 Goldwing F6C (MT8F, 582A)
GL1500 Goldwing (MT2, 551B1)
GL1500C Goldwing (MZOAE, 681A)
GL1800/Valkyrie HISS (38770-MCA-305, 38770-MCA-D01, 38770-MCA-641, 8415-227421, 38770-MEC-774)
VTX1800 C (KEIHIN, 38770-MCH-651, 38770-MCV-671)

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